Favorite 2012 Reads

It is officially the last day of 2012, this year went by too fast for me I got a lot done in my personal life and I was actually able to stick to most of my goals that I had set out for 2012 as far as my book blog goes the main ones being stay active ( I think I only took one hiatus) and comment more on other blogs( which I did pretty good on).
 Anyways I'm looking forward to next year I have a couple of big decisions I need to make this year, I like where I live it's quiet and I moved here about three years ago but I'm naturally a city girl and am thinking about moving again, AND ... I'm very excited and looking forward to all  the wonderful books that are coming out there seems to be a lot of really good debuts coming out so can't wait, and so many sequels that I'm looking forward to. But until then here is a list of  the books that I loved this year and would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone. 

Most of these came out this year but there are few from past years that I finally got around to reading...
In no real order:

What were your favorites of 2012? If you have a post please feel free to leave a link I would love to check it out :)

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