Review Policy

Currently NOT accepting review requests

Contact: bookflamereviews@gmail.com

Published Only
 I only accept published novels for review. Please have your publicist contact me if you would like your book reviewed on Book Flame.


Where are your reviews posted?
I post all of my reviews (negative reviews, positive reviews and everything in between) on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.

What do you include in your reviews?
Book Cover
First Sentence
Memorable quotes ( Only if the book has already been released to the general public)
Purchase links 

How long will it take you to review the book?
If it is an ARC I will have the review up and ready a few weeks or on the date of the books release. As for all other books I can't give an accurate time of when the reviews will be up.

Do you review all books you receive for review?
Yes I do. If for any reason I was not able to finish the book and marked it as DNF (did not finish ) I will still review the book up to the percentage where I read it to.

Paranormal Romance
Young Adult
Historical Romance
New Adult

Book Formats
ARC, Paperback, Hardcover, and any file compatible with my kindle

Books part of a series
If the book is part of a series than please send the previous books to the series. Since it would be unfair to review a book if I have no idea what the previous books were about.

Author Interview/Giveaway/Guest Post/Promo Spots
Authors will be responsible for the shipping and handling of the giveaway prize. For Interviews, guest posts or promo spots please send me an email. 

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