Book Subscription Box - Uppercase Box (October 2015) #subscriptionbox

Okay so recently I came across a ton of Book Subscription Box companies and I tried not to be tempted but the temptations were too much and I subscribed to two of them, one is Book Riot YA which I'll post about once my box comes and then there was Uppercase by Lisa at Read.Breath.Relax

Uppercase sends you one newly released YA book every month that has been read and loved by Lisa along with some other goodies. At first as a blogger I wasn't sure if that would work for me since I get so many advance copies myself but I thought this might be a good thing because lately I have had the urge to start discovering and reviewing more books from other genres that don't fall into the YA category(so I'll probably stop requesting as much YA books now which in turn means a subscription box such as this will work perfectly for me) and not to mention lately I've been thinking to reduce the number of books I request anyways.

So now on to the good stuff. Here is what came in my first Uppercase Box.

Everything came inside this Uppercase drawstring bag.

The Lunar Chronicles Tattoos! I'm pretty sure I'll use a couple of these for fun and then I have two little girls who can't wait to get some use out of them too.

Alice's Enchantmints, this is just so cute I'm sure after I eat the mints I'll get use out of the little tin can by using it in pictures for IG.

When I saw the Alice in Wonderland Coin Purse I couldn't contain my excitement this coin purse is gorgeous and to top it off when you turn it over .........

THIS! I love it :)

Here is the book that was part of this months Uppercase Box. I was thrilled to see this because I do remember seeing First & Then on Goodreads and a few other places and wanting to read it. I mean come on guys the books is described as "Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights" I love Pride and Prejudice and I love football. Also, it came with a signed bookplate from Emma Mills.

Also another couple of things I wanted to note about Uppercase was that with every box you get a personalized note from Lisa talking about the book which is so lovely of her it's such a unique touch, I haven't seen any other boxes doing this. And another thing I like is that she doesn't just send you a book but she actually puts post-it notes on certain pages for you, where you can go on the website and type in the special codes and get access to exclusive content.

 Another thing worth mentioning all boxes come with a signed book or bookplate!

Here is a pic with everything together

So overall I am very pleased with Uppercase and loved everything that was sent and can't wait for next months box.
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