Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Requiem by Lauren Oliver

They have tried to squeeze us out, to stamp us into the past.

But we are still here.

And there are more of us every day.

Now an active member of the resistance, Lena has been transformed. The nascent rebellion that was under way in Pandemonium has ignited into an all-out revolution in Requiem, and Lena is at the center of the fight.

After rescuing Julian from a death sentence, Lena and her friends fled to the Wilds. But the Wilds are no longer a safe haven—pockets of rebellion have opened throughout the country, and the government cannot deny the existence of Invalids. Regulators now infiltrate the borderlands to stamp out the rebels, and as Lena navigates the increasingly dangerous terrain, her best friend, Hana, lives a safe, loveless life in Portland as the fiancée of the young mayor.

Maybe we are driven crazy by our feelings.

Maybe love is a disease, and we would be better off without it.

But we have chosen a different road.

And in the end, that is the point of escaping the cure: We are free to choose.

We are even free to choose the wrong thing.

Requiem is told from both Lena’s and Hana’s points of view. The two girls live side by side in a world that divides them until, at last, their stories converge.

First Line: " I've started dreaming of Portland again "

I've fairly enjoyed this series and even though I can say that I did like Requiem I felt that things just weren't resolved to the extent that I would have wanted it. I feel there are still so many things that I need answers to. I just found the way it ended a little disappointing to where I wish I hadn't picked up this series at all if this is the conclusion that I was going to be left with.

Requiem was from both Lena and Hannah's perspective. At first I wondered why do we have Hannah's perspective but as the story progressed I found myself being more interested in Hannah's view and liked being able to see both sides as far as what was happening with the revolution. We learn that the procedure didn't fully work on Hannah so the old her was still in there and then there was the fact that she was engaged to Fred the mayor who had two sides to him,had me rooting for her to just say screw you to him and walk away from all the expectations people around her had made for her.

As far as Lena and the wilds go, I feel like Lena's character went backwards as far as her growth went. She went from something strong in Pandemonium to almost going back to the Lena we met in Delirium and I wasn't the biggest fan of her. As far as the wilds go we really get introduced to the extreme harsh realities of the place to the point where Lena even started questioning her choices.

Overall I liked Requiem but due to my high expectations which I didn't feel it met along with the frustrating conclusion I have to say if you haven't started this series... just don't unless your okay with a conclusion that doesn't give much closure.

Memorable Quotes:“This is the strange way of the world, that people who simply want to love are instead forced to become warriors.” 

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