Review: Waiting on the Sidelines by Ginger Scott

Waiting on the Sidelines by Ginger Scott
  • Pub. Date: November  13, 2013
  • Publisher: Self Published
  • Pages:335
  • Series: Waiting on the Sidelines #1
  • Goodreads/Amazon

Nolan Lennox had things figured out. Named after a baseball legend, she enjoyed being the Tomboy, her closet filled with her brother’s hand-me-downs, cut-off jeans and soccer shorts. But when her first trip to high school results in a broken heart from the first boy to ever make her heart flutter and cruel words from an older girl she once thought a family friend, Nolan starts to question the very person she thought she was and wonders if her humble upbringing can compete with the afforded luxuries of her privileged peers.

Throughout the next four years, Nolan struggles to maintain herself throughout her path of discovery, learning just how cruel teenagers can be through the pressures of underage drinking, sexuality and class. And despite how life seems to continue to work against her, she still manages to listen to her heart, falling deeper and deeper for the guy the entire town adores, even if he only sees her as a friend. Can Nolan strike a compromise between her own integrity and the boy she loves? And can she make him notice her before it’s too late?

Reed Johnson came to Coolidge High School with a lot of fanfare. The son of a hometown football legend and the brother of a local football hero, Reed wore all the pressures of carrying a town without hope into the spotlight. Thankfully, he had the talent to back it up. But when he meets a girl who makes him think twice about exactly what being a hero means, he starts to wonder if following in his brother’s footsteps might be all wrong. 

Nolan Lennox was everything that was opposite of expected. She didn’t flirt, she didn’t drink and she didn’t sleep around. Nothing about her was easy, but something about her made Reed want to try harder. Though she didn’t look the part, she seemed to be spending a lot of time in Reed’s thoughts, and he wondered if she could be the one who made it all worthwhile. But could Reed handle letting her down? And would breaking her heart break him beyond repair?

Waiting on the Sidelines explores young love to its fullest, exposing how real young heartbreak and passion is and how important it is to discover yourself and hold onto your own identity. The story follows two young characters as they deal with mature situations, including the prevalence of bullying and promiscuity in today’s high school setting. Ultimately, Waiting on the Sidelines is a story of hope, honesty and those powerful, first true loves—the ones worth holding onto at any cost.

First Line: " I live in a trailer."

ReviewLets just say I neglected a lot of my responsibilities while reading Waiting on the Sidelines. I couldn't get enough of it even with all the angst and insane amounts of drama I couldn't pull myself away. Although I have to admit it got to the point where I felt a little wiped out from all the drama but I was so emotionally invested in the main characters that I still kept on reading rooting for the two and hoping they figure things out.

The book is written around a four year time period. It starts off when Nolan and Reed are freshmen and ends in around their first semester in college. What I found confusing was keeping up with what period in time we were at. I basically used their ages to guess what grade they were in.

As far as the characters go I think Scott did a really good job in portraying teenagers. Nolan was not perfect she had her flaws, she succumbed to peer pressure, made bad decisions, but she also stood up for herself, was a good friend, and very bright all in one. And she just so happened to be in love with a boy who sent her on a roller coaster of a romance and heartbreak. Now we have Reed and ugh I just wanted shake some freaking sense into him at times, you know he is a good guy he values his friendship with Nolan but some of his actions just well lets just say he knew how to screw things up with Nolan pretty bad. Scott did a good job writing his character as well, he was Mr. Popular even before he walked through the HS doors thanks to his family being a legacy of sorts, anyways he is your typical raging hormonal teen and he made plenty of mistakes but all of that is  part of growing up which is exactly what we saw him doing throughout the four year time span. There were also plenty of secondary characters and I found all of them to be very well developed and a few characters whom I would love to see get their own story.

As much as this book was about romance it was also about seeing two kids growing up and facing the challenges that are thrown at them during that stage in their life. 

Overall I couldn't get enough of Nolan and Reed and I was very glad to see that the book didn't end in a cliffhanger but was also happy to see there is a book two. For some reason at the point in their life the book ended and with the history between the two characters I just see a lot more complications coming up before they have their happily ever after.

Memorable Quotes:~ Somehow, though, I knew this time my hurt was not meant to be fixed. No. This one was mine to keep. A reminder. A lesson.

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