Early Review: So Close to You by Rachel Carter

So Close to You by Rachel Carter

  • Pub. Date: July 10, 2012
  • Publisher:HarperTeen
  • Pages: 320
  • Series: So Close to You #1

Lydia Bentley has heard stories about the Montauk Project all her life: stories about the strange things that took place at the abandoned military base near her home and the people who've disappeared over the years. Stories about people like her own great-grandfather.

When Lydia stumbles into a portal that transports her to a dangerous and strange new reality, she discovers that all the stories she's ever heard about the Montauk Project are true, and that she's in the middle of one of the most dangerous experiments in history.

Alongside a darkly mysterious boy she is wary to trust, Lydia begins to unravel the secrets surrounding the Project. But the truths behind these secrets force her to question all her choices—and if Lydia chooses wrong, she might not save her family but destroy them... and herself.

Review:  I haven't read too many books on time traveling but So Close to You was a page turner for me, especially once Lydia travels back into time. 

Lydia is your typical teenage girl except she has a grandfather who lives with her and her family and he is highly obsessed with The Montauk Project which supposedly is based at Camp Hero a military base where conspiracy theorist believe the government holds experiments on time travel and developing psychological warfare. Lydia who is a non believer one day finds herself inside one of the abandoned military buildings which to her surprise is full of activity and accidentally gets herself into a predicament in which she is transported back in time to when her grandfather was just a little kid.

I really liked Lydia. She was a strong female character who was determined to right some wrongs in her grandfathers life even if that meant risking her safety. Yet at times it did make me wonder how could she not think about herself or how if she changes things it might mean she wont exist in her time or something worse. I enjoyed reading about her interactions with her family from the past. Things became really interesting and I loved how I was discovering so much about them right alongside her.

Also I have to talk about Wes. There was a lot of mystery surrounding him, the boy who followed her back in time to protect her and make sure she makes it out safely. I'm not going to give any spoilers about who he is or how he is involved but as his secrets unravelled I found him to be a very intriguing character and I wanted to learn more about him.

I am really hoping that there is a second book to this series because it can not end like that!( I just checked back on Goodreads and looks like there is yay!) Lydia and Wes broke my heart I have to know that there is a happy ending for them. And then at the very end there is a major twist which has made me very excited about the next book in the series.

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