Spring Into Summer Read-a-Thon: Starting Line!

What do you hope to read during the read-a-thon?
My Tbr is pretty huge so I have narrowed it down to these books ..I hope to at least be able to read 3 books out of this pile.

What book are you starting with?
Chasing Amanda by Melissa Foster

 I hope to read: 3 Books or 1200 pages

Where are you going to read?
In the comfort of my big comfy bed

What will you include in your updates?

  • Total Books Read: __________
  • Total Pages Read: __________
  • Books Read Since Last Update: __________
  • Pages Read since last update: __________
How I'm currently feeling:  Excited! and sleepy :(  I didn't get too much sleep last night...

1 comment:

  1. hey! hope you have fun with the read-a-thon, and good luck! i know i won't win any prizes but i haven't done one before so i'm pretty psyched!

    also, i'm super happy cause you are my very first follower :-D:-D thank you! and i'm following you back!


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