Review:Soul Mate by Ronald Lewis Weaver

Soul Mate by Ronald Lewis Weaver
  • Pub. Date: June 2010
  • Publisher: QuestFiction Entertainment, LLC
  • Format: Paperback , 236pp

"TEACHER + STUDENT = DISASTER. OR DOES IT? Claudia de la Rosa, is a starry-eyed innocent with book-learned wisdom who has just arrived in the glamour-charged world of Beverly Hills to become the high school English teacher of Lance Van Arden. At first, neither Lance nor Claudia understand that the odd connection they both feel in the presence of each other is anything more than Claudia's respect for Lance's emerging talent as a writer and Lance's need for a mentor. Both resist the mutual attraction because they share the conventional wisdom that anything more would be wrong. But destiny collides with established rules as mutual dreams and twists of fate propel them together. Lance and Claudia's steamy and blissful private world collides with social norms and stirs up parental suspicion. Because of their courage and an absolute certainty that they are soul mates having some greater purpose as yet undiscovered, they become modern-day folk heroes when that remarkable purpose is revealed and their tale becomes public knowledge. Their perilous adventure is nudged along by Marco Cerasuolo, a flamboyant sophomore with prodigious psychic powers whose spirit guides, Daniel and The Bear, offer hints and cryptic riddles

My Review: Soul Mate was a love story that went against society norms and crossed over to forbidden love. 26 year old Claudia is a new teacher at a Beverly Hills high school. It just so happens 18 year old Lance Van-Arden son to Roberta and Edward who happen to be incredibly rich and well respected in the society of the rich and famous is in Claudia's class as her student. 

A steamy love affair starts up between the two. They know it is wrong, and try to end it but that is before they have the same dream where they are in some type of ritual being binded by blood,waking up to cuts on their wrist which they only dreamed about and add Lance's psychic friend Marco to the mix= Lance and Claudia believing they are soul mates.

I was glad to see that the student in the relationship was 18 and not underage but it did get some getting used to the idea of a student teacher relationship. I did like Lance's character and wish Weaver would have went deeper into his character,instead of him just being portrayed as the horny 18 year old kid who has a different girl every week, and than all of a sudden discovers he is  deeply in love with his teacher.

I couldn't stand Claudia at all. I found her highly annoying. Crying whenever she got the chance.I guess it would make sense why she was attracted to an 18 year old, she had a maturity level of a teenager not a grown woman.

Soul Mate also had a mix of the supernatural in it. Lance had a friend name Marco who was psychic. I personally thought he was an interesting character. He tapped into his psychic abilities to help Claudia and Lance decipher their relationship and the dream they had which made them believe they were soul mates. But overall the whole psychic/supernatural part of the plot seemed out of place to me.

I would have to say the way the book ended was also unrealistic. 

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